by William Winn

Distraction osteogenesis (DO) is another major development pioneered by Beyond Faces’ surgeons. This method reconstructs sections of the face that are missing both bone and soft tissue (skin, muscle, vessels, and nerves). The process involves a combination of surgery and special instruments called distraction devices. We developed a variety of devices specifically designed to reconstruct children’s facial defects. The devices were designed to be used in concert with a very specific surgical technique. Since the end result and treatment experience are important, the combination of surgery and special devices were developed with children in mind.

Distraction osteogenesis uses the body’s innate healing ability to grow new bone and soft tissue. This method entails creating a fracture near the bone defect. The distraction device is inserted and activated. The device slowly moves apart, distracting the fracture just before it heals. As a result of the bone slowly enlarging, the soft tissues also enlarge. In the past, many surgeries would have been needed to accomplish the same goal.