This patient has Crouzon syndrome, a disorder in which the skull and facial bones stop growing near the time of birth. The eye sockets, nose, upper jaw, and cheekbones do not enlarge. As a result, breathing is a challenge and the child must use a machine such as a respirator when sleeping. Children with Crouzon syndrome have trouble seeing because eye movement and normal vision depend on eye muscles that connect to the eye socket bones. The upper jaw is much smaller than the normal lower jaw. This condition makes eating and swallowing difficult.

Conventional surgery cannot replace the amount of tissue that is missing. In addition, the portion of missing face increases as the normal part continues to grow. Beyond Faces developed new instruments and techniques that enable her and children like her to have a complete restoration of the missing parts in a single procedure.  This advanced treatment, Le Fort III distraction with internal devices, is only done by the Beyond Faces team. The treatment offers a level of surgical correction that cannot be reproduced anywhere. Included in the technique are special, unique processes that dramatically reduce the surgical risk while increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.  Including bone morphogenetic proteins in the Le Fort III procedure was introduced by Beyond Faces’ surgeons and enhances the child’s ability to grow bone. In the past, it was not possible to fully correct facial growth deficiencies. Beyond Faces’ advanced treatment offers children the opportunity for a full and normal life.